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We offer three different methods of hair extensions to suit everyone.

This means whether you are looking for thickness or length we have the right extensions for you!  

We have three extension specialists capable of giving you your dream hair!!

Why not come in for a FREE consultation and colour match to discuss how these extensions can help you!

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Colour Match

At Vixen & Blush we have a secret weapon that we can use to make your colour match flawless. This has set us apart from other salons for many years and continues to enable us to achieve better results for all of our clients, no matter what colour hair you have!

'Colour-Blending Technique'

Rather than using hair from packets that are pre-defined colours, we instead take different loose ponytails of our beautiful Russian Virgin hair and mix them together to blend a custom colour for each individual client. This means the hair extensions match your hair on a microscopic level.  We can also become really creative with colour and work with our clients to achieve those ultimate #hairgoals!

'Invisible' Tapes

'Invisible' Tape Hair Extensions are designed to add volume to fine hair.  They are not used to add length.

If a client wants to add length we would offer the micro ring or micro bonds method, which are both more suitable for the task!

'Invisible' Tape, however, are used when a client would like to add volume to their own hair and prefer to use a method that is 1) less commitment than strand-by-strand hair extensions 2) less costly 3) where they prefer to see how much hair is being applied to their head and they can choose to have more or less during the appointment 4) they find them to be more comfortable or suitable than other methods (personal preference).

Micro Bond


The Micro Bond method uses keratin resin to fit loose hair into moulded bonds by hand. This method is discreet and comfortable and is really useful for those with finer hair and for those who would like to add hair in more prominent areas, like the fringe. However, this method does not allow the hair to be reused, so new hair is needed each time. We love this versatile method – as we can make tiny tiny bonds where needed and offer something more for clients who need a really discreet method of adding hair. The micro bonds will last for 3 months.

Micro Ring


The Micro Ring method is very popular because it is reusable and very safe. No glue is used to fit the hair extensions and both the fitting and the removal process are straight-forward, comfortable and simple. The London Hair Lab manufacture their own micro rings to fit their handmade strands of hair. They have micro rings made in 3 specific sizes so we can customise this method for each client (this is based on the density of your own hair). Your micro ring hair extensions (also called nano rings) will last for 3 months and can then be re-fitted again at half the cost, making this a more affordable method.