The importance of a great haircut.

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Writen by our Cutting Expert - Marcus Hukin

We try to change our physical shape(s) all the time. Going to the gym, eating healthier, playing sports. These are all examples of how we attempt to change the way we look to achieve a 'physical shape' we are happy with - the best version of ourselves. However, this takes time and maximum effort.

What if there was a way to bring out the best possible version of yourself almost instantaneously with minimal effort on your part? A way that will make you fall in love with outfits again, have you double-taking in shop windows and ultimately boosting your confidence?! well there is, its called a damn go HAIRCUT.

But what is a GOOD haircut? is it one that costs £50? does it have to have a new crazy idea that no one has seen before? The answer is No.

the ability to give an individual a good haircut is not easy, and it's in the word 'individual'. A good cut comes from a mixture of key aspects; how well it suits the clients hair, their lifestyle, their head shape and hair patterns, just to name a few! We also have to take in to consideration what the client wants. Sometimes a clients doesn't know what they want so they seek advice from the stylist. We believe in working together. Coming to an agreement on WHY this style is best suited for them and what its going to do for their overall image. A good stylist will take all of these conditions into account when designing a persons haircut. which allows their service to be 100% specific to that one client and nobody else. This is essential because everyone's hair and head shape is unique. We are now heading in the right direction towards GREAT HAIR!

Why does all of this matter? Surely if everyone went to David Beckham's or Michelle Kegan's hairstylist and received their exact same cut you would come out looking just as good?? Although it would be a very good quality cut and may even be the best you've ever had, it wouldn't necessarily suit your head shape or your hair type, and so what can look sensational on one individual may look a little silly on another. So just like certain outfits, colours, sizes and other aspects of fashion doesn't suit everyone, not all cuts will suit everyone. Therefore, its so important to find a good hair stylist who listens to your requests, asks lots of questions regarding your lifestyle and assesses your head shapes and hair types correctly in order to give you a style that highlights your best features, and draws attention away from your insecurities.

Most importantly of all is finding a stylist who will be honest with you and have the confidence to tell you no - 'that style wont suit you', 'your hair just wont do that', 'I don't think this will be very manageable for your lifestyle'.

Hair colouring has exploded in the last 20 years and is continuing on an upward trajectory of popularity, so much so that virgin hair is fairly uncommon nowadays. I feel this has cast a huge shadow over the cutting world, pushed something so critical to the back seat.

Many women coming into the salon are so focussed on the colour, and fairly uninterested in the cut. This kills me, because although a colour can also highlight our more aesthetic aspects, it doesn't change our shape to others eyes, which is noticed the most.

To Conclude, I believe that getting your haircut is equally as important as getting the perfect colour.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog!

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