Prajakta, aka Praj, is our newest addition to Black cactus and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her in our team!

Embryologist turned Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Expert, Praj has a
background in treating many degenerative disorders like diabetes, chronic kidney disorders, neurological disorders, infertility, arthritis and sports medicine, aesthetics like hair and facial restoration .

Praj’s research findings using stem cells from bone marrow , fat cells and blood have enabled her to develop a range of regenerative approaches that outperform conventional medical approaches.

Praj holds a Master’s in Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine, a Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis Degree from UCL, London and graduated as a Biotechnologist. Impressive, right?

Hair regeneratgion has always been Praj’s favourite treatment. The ability to
regrow hair and reverse signs of Male and Female pattern balding, with ground
breaking Results. Praj’s has combined the essence of Bio Plasma with organic
ingredient based drink –

SOS hair care to elevate one’s hair Regenerative experience.

Curious to learn more? We dont blame you! Find out how you can have your dream hair line by messaging directly to the scalp lift instagram page!