At Black Cactus we LOVE the beachy look. Its our signature finish and we couldn't be more obsessed with it.

You can see the signature look in most of our work across Instagram with the lived in beachy Australian feel. 

danny hair - golden.PNG

However, we don't just offer this as the only style you can have. A lot of our guests like to have the perfect straight hair, or cute style with a pony! The choice is yours! 
We love how all of our guests have their own individuality and personality and we want to show that through their hair colour, length and style!

We don't just cater to our female guests styles, we concentrate on men's also.


When we create the perfect men's cut, we look at what products are the correct ones to use to make our guest look incredible.

marcus fade and length1.PNG

Do you love a hair up? No high heat, no fuss no damage?

We've got you covered!  We have recently introduced new styles to suit all! Some people pop in for a service before they go to work, and if you have long hair you know the struggle of trying to keep it out your face and staying perfect!